What We Do

You invest a lot in payroll and my job is to help you increase the return on that investment.

Your business has its own unique way of doing things. Because your procedures are unique, the best way to improve employee performance – assuming generally well-motivated employees – is with tailor-made training that speaks the language of your business. That’s what I do, and have done for clients in a wide range of industries: from operating a bookstore franchise to selling tires; from selling mortgages to selling computerized power equipment. And from improving customer service to blending motor oil. No matter what your business does, I can help your employees do it better.

Making sure that your new hires and promoted employees learn their new jobs quickly and effectively is important to your continued success. To do this, you need repeatable, reliable, and effective operations training – training that you can’t find on any shelf or web site. For my training clients I develop training that accelerates employees up the learning curve, greatly reducing their time to effectiveness.