How this Works

The very best custom training can only come from a collaboration. Neither one of us can make the best training for your company all on our own. Here’s how such a collaboration works:

First, we look at any performance gaps. That’s the difference between what the employer expects and what the employee delivers.

Then we have to analyze the performance gaps. The key question here is this: “Is training the right answer, or would something simpler or less expensive solve the problem?”

Once we determine that a new (or revised) training program is needed, we study the workplace and the performance gaps to determine the best way to train the employees. This might mean doing one-on-one coaching, teaching a class, providing some written or online support, or a combination of these. My choice is always to look for the approach that leads to the most learning and is the most cost-effective.

Finally, we put in place two essential elements for the after-training period: a means to ensure that the learning sticks and a mechanism to measure the results of our work. Both are needed to do a complete job.

Get-Acquainted Offer

Training and Performance Consultation for $500

Are you looking for training or performance solutions without having to add staff? For cost-effective training within your company’s budget? For a simplified training process that can be duplicated? For an easy-to-duplicate new-employee orientation process? Whatever your training goals or performance needs, I can help. And here’s a way to find out how well we can work together, with almost no risk. Here’s what I mean:

Send me any of the following and I’ll analyze your materials and/or plans and then meet with you by phone (or in person if you’re in Chicagoland) for one hour. For this, send me any of these:

  • Description of a performance gap you want to address.
  • Existing training materials you want reviewed for possible revision/improvement.
  • A training plan you’ve begun in order to address a particular need.

What you’ll get:

  • Recommendation for your best next steps
    • Without adding to payroll
    • Without spending too much
    • In a way that’s mindful of everyone’s time
  • A training plan/program design that will work
    • With methods to reinforce the training on into the future
    • With a means to measure your results

And when we’re done, if I’m not the right fit for your specific needs, I’ll be happy to introduce you to one my many trusted colleagues in the area.

To learn more about this offer, just send me an email.

If you think you’re ready to get started, click this button:

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