Did you know that companies that train more earn more? It’s true. Studies show that the stocks of companies that make the strongest commitments to training and development outperform those that do not. Now, stock price isn’t everything, but it’s a pretty good stand-in for overall productivity and profitability.

Here’s why solid training tends to lead to higher profits: greater skills and higher loyalty. When employees have stronger skills and know their jobs better, they’re more efficient and make fewer costly errors. And when employees are given training on a regular basis, they see the training as a perk. We all like to learn more so we can do better work. When our companies invest in us, that just increases our loyalty to our companies. And, frankly, loyal employees simply do better quality work.

I help small companies that can’t afford to pay a staff of trainers solve performance problems. Together, we put together practical and cost-effective training. And I show them how to make the learning stick.

In three decades of working in training and education, I’ve worked with companies in a wide range of industries: from making motor oil to selling hamburgers to how to run a franchise. And I’ve developed a passion for finding practical solutions to problems that look expensive.

If you think your company might have a training problem, I’d like to help you solve it. To learn more about how we’d analyze, evaluate and review your current training or future training needs, please turn to How this Works.