Hello, friend!

Welcome to Small Biz Training Works and thanks for stopping by.

Before you look around – and I hope you will – I’d like to give you a small gift just for visiting.

Do you like being generous? I hope you do, because I want to give you some free money to give away to a friend. Here’s what I mean:

At my “How this Works” page, you’ll see that I offer a short-term get-acquainted consultation for a flat fee of $500. If you know anyone who works in, manages, or owns a small business, I’d like you to be able to give them a $100 discount on that service. All you need to do is pass on the discount code below. When they enter the code on the online order form they’ll automatically receive the $100 discount when they order the Get-Acquainted Consultation.

You might want to know if a friend’s business or employer is a good candidate for my services. Any business that employs at least a few dozen people might benefit from what I do.

Here’s that friends’ discount code: GAC2012F .

This code can be used more than once, so if you have more than one friend who might benefit, please feel free to give this code away many times. The code is good from Thursday, November 1 through the end of 2012 – just before we pop the cork on New Years Eve!

I hope you’ll take a look around at the pages that tell what I do and at my blog, The Talking Muffin Connection. Then, please pass on the link to my site to your friends – along with the discount code where you think it might help someone.

All the best,
John Labbe