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A Gentle Reminder

It’s the eighth day of the new year. Do you know where your training and learning goals are? Just about everyone who writes about human performance reminds us that having specific goals almost always improves performance. And since learning and


New Year’s Resolutions That Work

Shortly after the last bit of confetti settles to the floor and the noisemakers stop making noise, many people begin the task of living up to their New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have any statistics on how many people fail


Learning from the White Elephant

One of the more charming features of the holiday season is the White Elephant gift exchange. The idea is simple: wrap up something you don’t want and exchange it for something that someone else doesn’t want. Hilarity is supposed to


Passion Matters

No matter what you do, passion matters. Whether it’s teaching or public speaking, playing a sport, or playing the drums, while skill is essential, passion turns skill into something transcendent and illuminating. For example, check out the two levels of


Resistance is Futile

I just received an email promising that I will be taking part in a short (I hope) training exercise this weekend. And I have to admit that my first response was to resist the idea. Based on the description of


What Happened?

This past weekend I watched golf. In fact, I watched a lot of golf because The Open Championship (played in Britain) concluded this weekend and ESPN was showing golf from as early as 4 am until late afternoon. I was