Tag Team Training

This morning I had to iron a dress shirt and, as I always do, I started with the unseen portion of the collar (to test the heat of the iron) and then proceeded to the sleeves before doing the body of the shirt. I’ve been ironing shirts in this pattern since I was in junior high school. I learned this pattern from my father, who had worked at a dry cleaner’s when he was in high school. I took his word for the why and how of each step because it was clear that he knew what he was doing and because there were good reasons to do things in the ways that he taught.

In business training, sometimes the trainer doesn’t have as much credibility as the participants want. This can be especially true when the topic is technical or highly proprietary in nature. Perhaps the person assigned to do the training is a mid-level manager who happens to have good speaking skills or who recently was given responsibility for the subject being trained. Since credibility is important to the participants and actually increases their learning, what to do when the trainer doesn’t have enough?

The answer is to tag-team the training. Have a second person on hand to provide the needed technical knowledge. This person could present especially challenging parts of the training or run simulations and/or technical practice exercises. What matters is that this expert is in the room and providing needed expertise.

Tag teams. Good enough for pro wrestling, so why not for pro training?


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